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SEO is the set of strategies aiming to boost and improve the positioning of a website in the natural (organic) results pages on the search engines.

There are a few SEO methods used by its practitioners in categories such as "White Hat SEO", which use methods approved by search engines, such as the practice of building relevant content and improving quality of the site, or "Black Hat SEO," which use tricks such as camouflaging the actual content of the page, and the practice of spam directed at search engines.

The techniques used in SEO are designed to potentiate your goals on the website by improving the number and position of your results in organic search for a wide variety of keywords relevant to the content of the web site. SEO strategies can improve both the number of visits and the quality of visitors, where quality is when visitors complete the action expected by the site owner, such as buying, signing, learning something.

Search engines indicate different types of listings on the result pages, including: paid advertising on the results pages (SERPs), pay per click advertising content, ads, payment for inclusion in search engines, and results organic search.

The first Indexing of your Site should take between 15 and 30 days


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