SITE - Features

We offer a wide range of Features to help you create a Fantastic and Complete Site. Reach the Success you've always wanted with your new Site.


With the pre-determined price we offer the following package:

  1. INITIAL page (Presentation of your business). With a maximum of 10 photos "without album" and a video
  2. Three-page menu with defined name, with album of up to 20 photos each page or without album can add up to 6 photos, and one video each page.
  3. Each page can have a sub-page with up to 20 photos or no album can add up to 6 photos and one video each sub-page.
  4. Each page and sub-page can have direct access to the Facebook.
  5. CONTACT page where all the information on how it can be located should be included.
  6. Register as long as it is available. It can also be, .net
  7. Five E-mail addresses.
  8. The SITE footer may contain fixed information that will appear on all pages such as: TAGS, CONTACTS, SOCIAL NETWORKS, and PAYMENT METHODS.
  9. It will be charged annually, the amount corresponding to the hosting of the site and the
  10. It will be charged and monthly updates such as: exchange and inclusion of addresses, phone numbers, photos, name exchange, inclusion and exchange of text and creation of new pages corresponding to item 8 of HOME in THE HOME MAGIC. (
  11. When starting the site the client should give 100% attention by sending texts and photos to feed and create the site: The deadline will be 36hs. For completion and delivery of the site.
  12. Other duties will be charged per hour worked to be arranged in advance via an execution project. The minimum amount to be charged will be one.
  13. Everything to be inserted in the site should be sent via email, highlighting which page should undergo the change: Email: 
  14. For an instant update, day and time must be set for connection via whatsapp live.

The first Indexing of your Site should take between 15 and 30 days


Own Domain: Get other domains to other sites and access the site through a unique and personalized address on the net. 

Emails Service: We create your personalized emails with your domain. With Webmail, Anti-Spam, DKIM and SPF authentication. 

Personal Blog: We create your own Blog using sophisticated software, with thousands of templates, widgets and plugins. 

Forum: We have created your Discussion Forum using phpBB software and invite everyone to participate in your community. 

Portfolio: Promote and promote throughout the web your work in photography, art, publicity, web design, literature, etc.