Promote your business with Instagram for Companies

Ever heard that phrase "eat with your eyes?" In social networks, this maxim also applies. Images and videos are the most shared content in Social Media. So today we'll see how to take advantage of Instagram for Business to improve your relationship with your audience and talk right to your audience.

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram, the social network focused on visual content, has gradually positioned itself as a platform for communication and advertising of great profitability. Now let's see some data to understand the importance that this network can have for your business:

Why should you use Instagram for Business to promote your business?

Instagram has two fundamental advantages that make it an ideal space to reach the audience. On the one hand, the Social Network was acquired by Facebook, platform that has the most complete advertising resources today. And its benefits are shared with Instagram.

On the other hand, the types of content that are published in Instagram are the most shared in Social Media. According to statistics, videos and photos are among the most shared publications in the world. That means they are very effective at attracting users

This is a good time to review Instagram's key statistics for Business:

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