Get to know the features of Facebook, create a profile, create a fan page and how to use your page in a marketing strategy!


Currently, Facebook features a number of features that make the user experience more complete.

In addition, updates to the site are constant, and back and forth, new features are added.


When you create a personal Facebook page, you can customize it according to your preferences by adding a profile photo, which allows others to identify you better, and a cover photo.

If you have a Fan Page, you can use these features according to your marketing strategy and the brand identity of your brand.

Do you have difficulty starting a marketing strategy for your company on Facebook? Here we create for you!

Add friends

The ability to add and connect to your friends and acquaintances, not only from your city, but from around the world, is the great key to social networking, since they all revolve around the relationship between people.

But remember that only personal pages have this feature! In Fan Pages, instead of friends, you will have fans who will enjoy your page and interact with your posts.

We never created a personal account to promote your brand or company! In addition to the fact that the personal page has a limited number of friends that can be added, this action violates Facebook's guidelines.


Facebook statistics has been booming since its inception.

According to updated data this year, the social network has 99 billion monthly active users, and 89 billion monthly active mobile users. Secondly, we have Whatsapp and third, Instagram, also Facebook.

The first Indexing of your Site should take between 15 and 30 days


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