What is app?

"App" If dealing with the world mobile app is an abbreviation for "application", which means application, program, software.

What is an App for?

An App can be useful in many ways, can help you solve simple problems of your everyday life like making an account, can serve as a search source, can help you to know more about your favorite artist, can help you find a place that you are looking for can put you in direct contact with people or with the stores and services you use most. They are endless possibilities.

Welcome to the new era, the Progressive Web App is coming.

A new way to deliver incredible user experiences on the web.

PWA can be the sublimation of all our effort in developing websites and tools that can generate the best experience for users. These advantages directly reflect the results that companies need to achieve through brand interactions via the Internet. We can superficially appreciate that the PWA (Progressive Web App) deployment is the new way to create websites, applications and any other form of web content, but with obvious differences.

They are numerous, but let's list some, one of the good advantages is that all applications in this format must start from a secure source HTTPS, everything moves on an encrypted basis. Another is that you do not need to download the application from the site in an App store, the site itself can be installed, and offer the user the full screen display.

But why make my site an application?

All attention is low for mobile browsing, this format is already and should be increasingly important, many users are passing through various sites, videos and apps simultaneously. This makes it easier for him to tap icons on the phone's home screen than to type a URL into any browser. Apps generate notifications, stay on the home screen and make it much easier to access, according to ComScore Metrix Mobile U. People over the age of 18 spend up to 20 times more time on applications than on websites.

And the dream of being able to browse offline is a reality for Progressive Web Applications. This factor will further increase reach and access, now off-line actions will generate experiences that were previously wasted on a dinosaur.

ATTENTION:. In order for the app to run "work" on the "APPLE" IOS platform, it is necessary to register in APP STORE at a cost of approximately $ 350.00 (dollars)

The first Indexing of your Site should take between 15 and 30 days


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