We can help you reduce costs as well as drive productivity and efficiency in your office.

The Home Magic provides your business with cutting-edge technology and expert service which empowers your business to reach new heights.


That's what we do. We seek truth for your brand.

 They are no longer the marks that define who we are. We define what brands should be. Our job is to follow the flow of human creations and nurture it.

It is promoting what transforms for the better, spreading love, respect, equality, through striking and creative projects. We work for a system that in no way hates money, but does not put it above all else.

Because it must exist to enable human wonders and not to define them. True and authentic marks are those that are fixed and evolving today, because they follow the evolution of the collective and stimulate freedom, creation and diversity. Where the new one comes from.

 The new cannot have control, but it can have leaders. Be one of them and surf in human creations.

If you are part of such a brand, talk to us. We design and produce projects of various natures, aligned with corporate strategies, making everything have more sense, unity and purpose.

After all, what good is profit only if it does not repay the world and society, stimulating consumers and new desires every day? And in the middle of all this process we produce SEROTONIN, in us, in you and all around us.


As is the theory of chaos and the power of union, THE HOME MAGIC is managed, nurtured and cared for by all. It is a movement that goes back and forth. Each "inputted" energy feeds the collective and the collective feeds the individual. Each one that moves THE HOME MAGIC is a spinner. Are you, too?

Spinner is a creative, enterprising, docile, restless being. He does not usually follow the rules of the market, of politics, of business. Likes to invent fashion, recreate, rethink. He does not like to do the everyday way the same way. He likes to get lost and to find himself in the most ordinary places.

The commitments, values ​​and purpose of a spinner are long lasting. But the way you look and do is innovative. He does before acting. And age according to your philosophy. The spinner is the business in person.

Spinner is a maker, it is disruptive, it is collaborative, and it is alternative. He's a geek, he's a knowledge fanatic. Participates in political, social and cultural life. Think and make a different world, practice the inner life and the ancestral knowledge. It is art, innovation and creation. Spinner it's me, it's you.

 We are producers of love.

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